Saturday, April 11, 2009

Church Calling

So here I was having a lazy Saturday morning and I had just gotten done working out when the doorbell rings. Well low and behold it is the second counselor from my ward, and he came to ask me if I was interested in a church calling!! Haha well I'm pretty excited but I was asked to work in the primary, not as a teacher, but with the young girls in primary every other tuesday. I will be one of the Achievement Day leaders and I'm so excited! I loved achievment days when I was growing up, and I hope that I can fulfill my calling to the highest potential! I'm looking forward to the oppurtunity of getting to work with the young girls of my ward!

Monday, April 6, 2009

What we're doing

Well.... Derek and I are always changing our plans!!! We were planning on moving to Texas for the summer so Derek could install security systems. Too much happened that we knew that moving to Texas was not the right thing to do at this time, so we decided not to move! I am now back at my old job working for Access Point, and I work with kids with developmental delays, most of which are autistic. I love my job but I will tell you this... it has some very tough days!! I will give you some examples such as being bit, having a table thrown at me, being attacked, shoes kicked at me, pencils thrown at me, and of course the cleanings of kids having messes in their pants. In the end it is all so worth it to me and I love these kids with all my heart!!! My heart reaches out to them and I dearly want the best for them!! These kids are so awesome and it's hard to leave them completely once I have gone home for work, they are always on my mind.
I am also teaching dance at Let's Dance with my sister in law Amy. I love these girls they are so awesome!! Right now I am teaching technique to the competition team and they are such a delight to work with. They are all beginners but I love watching them when the light clicks on and they finally nail something that they have been working of for weeks. We have gone to 3 competitons and they have done very well! They have one competition coming up in May which will be very tough but it will be a great experience for them.
Derek is still working in Wyoming and he enjoys his job as well. It is really slow right now..... which seems to be the trend in our economy. Something that has kept Derek happy is our new boat!! Derek got a boat from Utah and he gutted the whole inside, and built seats, inside walls, did some painting, and did a bunch of wiring and things with the motor. He has taken it out and test driven the boat, and he can NOT wait until summer so we can enjoy our time together and go boating!!
Life is such a blessing, and lately I have been happier than ever!!! I love where we are at in life right now, and I love being a newly wed!!!