Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 words....

Ok I have 3 words for you.....


This game is so fun and hilarious! This weekend was my Grandpa's 90th birthday. We had a fun party for him at his church. I truly have decided that I hope I get his genes in the family. That man is still sharp as a tack. After his party we just spent the weekend as a family partying it up at my parent's. My sister Julia came up for the weekend and brought her boyfriend. They are the cutest couple I know. We had way too much fun this weekend! My voice was hoarse from laughing so hard!

I wish you all could have seen my parents dancing, and Derek and my sister's boyfriend busting out duets together. We had so much fun! I highly recommend you all play this game!! If you don't know anyone who has a Wii or this game, call me up and I will play with you!! Too fun!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I really am alive I promise!!

Holy moly!!! I know it, I suck at this blogging thing! It's been far too long my friends! I will tell you why.... first of all, I don't have free time. I'm going to school full time, teaching dance, and working as Assistant Manager at Massage Envy. When I'm not at school or work, I am doing homework up the ying yang!! A typical day at the Dawson residence anymore is Derek and I sitting next to each other quietly going to town on our homework. It's crazy how we're together but so not at the same time. Driving to and from Rexburg we find ourselves talking about more school on top of it all.... can you tell what's always on our minds?

We are doing really good! We are staying super busy with school, and on top of going to school full time during the day, Derek is taking an EMT course at EITC and he is gone to class all night. Poor guy, I honestly don't know how he does it!! Actually I do know how... because he is amazing!! I really do enjoy school, and I enjoy learning. It's always fun when you have a random fact to share with others about something you learned in class. Right now in my Anatamy class we are learning about the muscles. That means.... cadavar lab for me. Now that they no longer use fermaldihyde (I have no clue how you spell it), I actually am able to stay in the same room as the cadavars without wanting to pass out. The human body is fascinating, and it truly is a gift from our Heavenly Father! So that is roughly what is new with us. To be honest, a lot more has been going on, but it's pretty private. I have a hard time with blogging right now because I have a lot on my mind but I don't want to share it all publicly. That's another reason why I've been avoiding blogging. When I'm writing a lot of the time I like to just get things off my chest, but that's what my journal is for! Everything is all good, but all I ask is for a few prayers for my family. :) Thanks you guys! I really hope everything is going well for all ya'll, and let me know what's new with you guys!! Anyone else getting spring fever? And any other Glee fans our there getting ready to ditch Glee because of their past couple of episodes? Hit me up, and let me know what's new!!