Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pictures of Derek's talent!!

Are you ready to see how talented my husband is? I'm not sure you are... he's pretty dang good!! Alright, here are the pictures of our new entertainment center that Derek built. He did an awesome job, and it is huge!! It pretty much takes up our whole wall, and we could even take a picture of the whole thing from our couch. Derek had to stand in the corner of the house to get the full picture!!!
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4,5 and 6... Painting

In our house with the old TV

In our house with the NEW TV. Yes, Chrismas came a little early this year!

I swear Derek built this entertainment center SO BIG so that it made our old TV look ridiculous, and help make me want a bigger TV. Well whatever his plot line.... it worked!! I think our new entertainment center is awesome!!! I love how cozy it feels in our house!! Great job Derek!! You're so amazing and talented!! Sure do love you!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things that have been on my mind lately

It seems like lately I keep hearing about more and more sad things that are happening to those around me. Whether I know the person or not, my heart always aches for them. When something sad happens to a person, it seems like the community comes together to help mend the sorrow. A love grows stronger and closer, that would not have been there before. Complete strangers grow to love each other, and pray for one another.
When I hear of something sad that happens to a family member, or a friend, sometimes it's hard to know what to say to them. It's hard to know whether you bring it up or ignore it altogether. Something that I have learned though is by watching my dear sweet husband.
I'm sure most of you already know this, but about 3 and a half months after Derek and I were married, his father passed away due to a severe stroke. I was with Derek and his mom when we got the phone call. I was with them when Derek rushed us to Rigby in 6 minutes to get to the ambulance, and I was with them when they came into the waiting room and told us he wasn't going to make it. I was there with Derek when the nurse pulled the plug, and I was there with him through the planning of and through all the events of the funeral. As hard as it was during those times, I had to be the rock for Derek. I had to be a shoulder to cry on, and I had to hold him until he could walk again. Somedays Derek didn't have to say anything, I just knew he was grieving. Derek isn't one to lose his temper, but when his dad died we were in the middle of remodeling our kitchen. Derek went to town and focused all of his energy on finishing our kitchen b/c he didn't want to stop long enough to think about what he was dealing with. I watched him get angry, I watched him sit there in silence, I watched him sob, and I watched him laugh about the fun times he had with his dad. I don't know how I was Derek's rock through it all, but all I know is when you're faced with that type of a situation, you just have to do it.
Once Derek got a little big stronger, this is when I crashed down and let it all out. I couldn't hold it together anymore and I told him everything I was feeling. From that point on we leaned on each other to get through the whole process. We spent late nights with his family. There was a peace in the room and we knew it was b/c we would be with Ray again. We felt the prayers from friends, distant family, and from complete strangers. People came from all over Rigby to bring the family food, flowers, and cards. It's amazing how through a time of sorrow, loving people are sent to us to help us get through those times.
I watched Derek when people would come up to him. I watched the other person struggle with words as they looked Derek in the eyes. Derek told me that the thing he hated answering most was, "How are you?" Obviously.... he wasn't at his tip top shape, but he was handling things. Something that Derek said he appreciated hearing was, "You and your family are in our prayers." It was hard to answer to, "I'm sorry," b/c all Derek could say was, "Thanks". Derek said the best thing anyone could ever do was just be normal. He didn't want people to feel sorry for him and to act strange, he just wanted a friend he knew that loved and cared about him.
So now after watching Derek go through the hardest thing in his life, I feel more comfortable about how to approach other people going through trials. I really appreciate the good people in the world who care so much about people who are struggling. I appreciate their prayers for others, for their kind words, food, graciousness and love. Despite all the garbage that goes on in the world around us, there really are good out there. There are amazing people among us, and this I am grateful for.

Friday, October 15, 2010

As of lately

Well things have been pretty good over here at the Dawson residence. Camo is getting the whole potty training thing down pretty good. The only time he has accidents now is if I don't wake up when he's whining in the morning to take him out. So that would be my fault on that one. It's nice that he's finally getting it down though. We can usually tell when he needs to go in a few ways. 1. he tries to sneak away, 2. when we're holding him and he absolutely won't stop wiggling and moving around, 3. he runs to the back door and stares at us. Sometimes though, it is hard to tell if he needs to go. Yorkies area always sniffing.... always, so it's hard to tell if he's sniffing around b/c of the breed he is, or b/c he really actually does have to go to the bathroom. Also, he is getting to the point where he will go play alone sometimes, so he'll run in the other room and then i follow him b/c i'm afraid he's sneaking away. We'll get it though!!! It's good b/c I can tell he's catching onto the concept. Something we're trying is we take his paws and make him scratch the door so he'll be trained to make noise so we can hear when he needs to go. Another thing is we reward him with hot dogs when he goes outside. And.... we have been trying to kennel train him. It will be super good for him in the end, but I always feel like such a jerk when I put him in there. He's been doing super good with everything though. He is a really good dog!
Work wise something that is new is I got promoted at my job as the Assistant Clinic Administrator. Basically I have more responsibilities and more access to things on the computer. I still have to ok things through the Clinic Administrator first, but whenever she is gone, I call the shots and make big decisions for the company. So far it hasn't been TOO bad, but it's always kind of overwhelming having more responsibility and having to learn a bunch more. It's pretty exciting though!! This is my first promotion at any job I've ever had, and I also got a raise, so I definately can't complain there!!!
I also started teaching ballroom yesterday!! I am teaching for Extreme Ballroom, (the company Derek and I danced for in high school). The company just moved to a new studio... and it is the BIGGEST dance studio I have EVER seen!! It's pretty awesome! I teach 4 and 5 year olds. They are the cutest little kids ever!! There is a little tiny girl who isn't even 4 yet. Don't tell anyone.... but she's my favorite!! She is the cutest little thing, I want to take her home with me! That's against the law though... so I guess I can't! She is a head shorter than everyone, has dirty blonde hair and the biggest brown eyes I've ever seen. She rarely makes a peep and always seems to be on the wrong foot. She is adorable when I help her though. She stands up straight and smiles at me and tries super hard until she finally fixes it! Ahh she is such a doll!! I love it!! I'm excited to teach this cute little class and to watch their growth they will make over the year! That's the funnest part about teaching I must say!!
Hmm that's all that's new with me. Derek has been building a HUGE entertainment center for our christmas present. He almost finished though, and he's only been working on it for 2 days. He's incredibly talented!! He just needs to build 2 cupboard doors, and then paint the whole thing. I'll post pictures as soon as he's done! It's pretty awesome that married the most handy man in the world!! I remember thinking it was so cool that men could build things, and I always wondered if my husband would be able to. I got pretty lucky in that department!! I married such a talented young man! I love him to death and I'm so grateful for all of his hard work and for all that he does for me!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet Camo!!!

Ok.... Derek and I caved in and got a cute adorable little tiny PUPPY!!! I've never ever had a dog before so this is big news for me!!! Camo is such a little sweetie!! He's a cuddle bug, and has such a cute little personality. We found him in the newspaper, and we got him from a family in Rigby. As soon as we walked into the house and Camo walked up to me I melted. I picked him up and he nestled his head into my body and snuggled right in. I looked at Derek and told him that I was sold. He was so shy and timid and quiet when we first got him, but he's starting to break out of his shell... almost too much. Perhaps today isn't the day I should be blogging about him, b/c he just had his first accident in OUR house and b/c he's been such a little stinker chewing on random objects... or perhaps I should be blogging about him b/c it will help me not be so frustrated about it.

Camo is 13 weeks old, he's a Yorkie, he is obsessed with feet and shoes, he's playful, he's timid, and he's a cuddle bug. He's also very clingy. It's cute, but at times it can be a bit annoying. He could be dead asleep on the couch, and as soon as I stand up to go get a drink, he's right at my feet following me. This can create a problem at times b/c he gets kicked in the head frequently. It's super easy to back into him b/c he's always RIGHT there. Also, when he is standing next to me, he isn't actually next to me, he stands directly on top of my feet. He hates being alone, and he rarely makes a peep. I've heard him bark twice, and it was more like a grunt. It's a low quiet little bark. He has discovered how to whine though. That can be annoying, hopefully he'll grow out of it soon!

It's hard to train a puppy. Poor Derek has kind of lost his nerves with him today. Camo had 2 accidents today with Derek, and got into everything he wasn't supposed to. Up until these past couple of days he's been the perfect dog, but everyone knows that can't last long!! I can't wait until we're past the phase of puppy training him!! I can't wait until he's potty trained, and until he's ok with having alone time, and until he won't cry at night!! If any of you have any suggestions for us we will gladly take them!!! Otherwise, we will be patient with this whole dog training thing, and have a nice dog in the end of this!!!

Judy Pasley took these cute pictures of Camo playing when we went to visit her!! I'm struggling taking his pictures b/c he moves so dang fast! Judy takes amazing pictures, check out her blog at