Friday, July 30, 2010

I got a job!!!!

WOOHOO!!! FINALLY!! Remember my last post when I mentioned I had an interview? Well.... this is the same job that I just got less then an hour ago! To be honest..... the way things were going with this job... I really didn't want to get it. They told me they wanted a second interview with me. They called me, made me come in from Rigby for a 2nd interview, only to tell me that they wanted me to come in 1 more time for a business interview. Well first off, I was a little irritated why they couldn't have just told me about the business interview over the phone rather than having me drive in from Rigby to sit there for 5 minutes and turn around and drive back. Also... what's the point in a business interview? They said they wanted me to come in during the busiest hours of the day and week, and throw me in and see how I do. Honestly... who would do a good job given the circumstance?

So today they called me in for 2 hours. To be honest..... throwing me in like this scared me away more then made me want the job. They gave me a computer and said ask us if you have any questions.... Are you serious? So basically I played around a little bit and asked how to schedule. Well girls kept coming up and needing my computer, so I just stood up and got out of the way. Finally the manager brought me a chair and just told me to follow one girl around for the rest of the day. This girl was 9 months pregnant, she was due in a week, and it was her last day. I felt bad they just dumped me on her like that. She was completely scattered brained, she didn't want to be there, and she honestly didn't train me much at all. Some of the front girls started dumping their work on me that they didn't want to do. So I filed for them, and I called clients and told them about a promotion for their members. Needless to say I was hung up on and left countless messages. Next I got to watch their "best seller" try and make a sale. Well... let's just say the person she tried to sell to kinda dumped her on her face and didn't let her get 2 words in. Yeah..... that made me super excited about selling let me tell you!!!

Well after this ridiculous day the manager and owner called me into their office and gave me the job. By this point I was seriously wanting to go home and never come back... but let's face it, I need a job desperately!!! I took the job and acted thrilled!

Don't get me wrong... I am SOOO grateful for this oppurtunity!! Haha but.... a business interview was probably the biggest mistake they could have made for a prospective employee. I just hope and pray that once I have proper training I will love the job and won't be so overwhelmed. I hope that I can feel comfortable and catch on quickly to what my responsibilities will include!!! I look forward to learning a great deal through this experience and meeting new people along the way!!! Wish me luck people b/c I am super overwhelmed right now!! haha I need all the help I can get!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ahh.... I finally have some clarity in my life!! Ever since Derek and I have moved back it seems like every single plan has fallen apart left and right. Every job we've applied for, every house/apartment we've looked at, absolutely EVERYTHING has fallen through.
Our minds have changed over and over. What we thought we wanted didn't happen, and I look back and I'm SOO glad it didn't work out that way!!
Today I had another job interview. Normally I don't really like to post about job interviews, b/c it sucks when you think you have a job and tell everyone, and then it comes around that you don't get the job after all that. Well ever since I found out I had this interview, it seems like all of a sudden a rush of clarity rushed into my body. I FINALLY know that I want to live in Idaho Falls, we FINALLY both know that we want to go to BYU-Idaho, and we are FINALLY starting to get some direction in our lives!! GOLLY it feels AMAZING!!!
Who really is the one to say that everything will go according to plan from here on out..... but I finally have some peace and comfort in knowing that everything will work out, and everything is going to be ok! There is an apartment we have been thinking about renting in Ammon. The downstairs apartment should be available now, and we are going to call the land lord and see if we can view the downstairs apartment. Who is to say that we are FOR SURE going to live here.... but as of right now it feels really exciting! We were going to be living in one of my dad's rental houses until it sold.... but guess what? As soon as we decided to live there, someone wants to lease it. Of course!! That is just 1 of the many examples of what has fallen through for us, but obviously, we weren't meant to be there at this time.
I feel such a great amount of comfort in knowing that my prayers are heard. I have been fasting, praying, and reading my scriptures daily so that we would know what direction we needed to take in our lives. It is such a blessing to know that my Heavely Father loves and cares about us, and when we do what is right, the blessings are opened up unto us.
It is so easy to fall into a slump and get lost in this crazy world we live in. When we take time out of our every day lives to give back to Heavely Father, and to show our gratitude, he opens up his arms and comforts us. I am sooo grateful for this gospel, and for all of my testimony building experiences that I go through in life. I feel stronger than I felt before we moved here. I love the Ah Ha moments in life when you look back and you realize why you had to go through a struggle in your life. I love how trials bring me closer to my Heavenly Father, and I love how I always come out a better person in the end. Right now I feel so overwhelmingly blessed for all that I have in my life!! I am so grateful for this comfort I have in my life at this time!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Facts

Here are some random facts that you should know about me. Enjoy!

- I tie my shoes completely different from anyone else!!! I never cease to amaze people by the way I tie my shoe. I never knew I tied my shoes differently until high school... but apparently, I tie my shoes in a pretty facsinating way.

-I'm not afraid of getting attached to people. I LOVE getting to know people inside and out! I love making new friends and I love people in general! I'm not afraid of getting close to someone even if it means my heart gets ripped out in the end.

- I am pretty shy when I first meet people.... but once I'm comfortable... I am CRAZY!

- I just recently have realized that I am a super competetive person. Sometimes it's fun... but sometimes I drive myself nuts! I make competitions out of every day activities haha. I'm currently working on this!

- I knew I was going to marry Derek the moment I laid eyes on him. That was my dream boy all wrapped up in a package. That's who I wanted, and that's who I got. He's even better then I could have ever imagined my dream boy being!!

- I know you already know that I absolutely LOVE dancing!! It's my passion, and it's my release. I have ALWAYS planned on dancing throughout my entire life. I always planned on getting a career and degree, but I've always known in the back of my mind that no matter what I want to teach on the side.

- I recently discovered that I am pretty sure I'm allergic to peanuts. I ate some peanuts from a can and touched my eye. My eye was swollen shut for 2 days. Same can of peanuts were put on my salad, and my throat got closed shut. Needless to say, I haven't touched peanuts since. It's a pitty b/c I ate peanut butter on a daily basis until that awful day of the can of peanut incident.

- I am a tender heart. I will probably cry if something happens to you before you do. I HATE when other people go through something sad. I would rather take the crap then watch someone else go through it. Even if someone punched me in the face and told me they hated me, I would still cry for them if something sad happened to them.

- Bad trait about me.... I forgive, but I don't forget. I remember something as silly as someone calling me a name in Elementary school. I forgive people, but I don't really forget when they hurt me.... probably b/c I'm afraid of them doing it again. This is a bad quality about me! I have been working really hard on this!!

- I have this ridiculous laugh that comes out in the middle of the night when I am in a silly mood. Only very special select people have heard this laugh. When this laugh comes out... everyone is laughing. It sounds absolutely ridiculous!! It even includes gasping and snorting on occasion. If you are one of the lucky ones who has witnessed this laugh.... I hope you are ok with still being my friend.

- Lastly..... I think that the prettiest people in this life are the HAPPY ones. They are so inspiring and strong. They are uplifting and I absolutely LOVE being around these types of people!

I hope you enjoyed these random facts!!! Hope you are all having a safe and happy summer!! Love ya guys!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


So I have decided that I am quite the DREAMER! For those of you that really know me... you know that I am always setting goals and working towards something. Sometimes lets face it... I'm not truly realistic. I day dream about my childhood when a certain smell reminds me of something. Sometimes I get stuck back when life was easy and why does it have to get so tough? Sometimes I dream about becomming a professional dancer. I picture myself on a big gorgeous stage, I feel the bright lights on my powdered face, I look out to the crowd and see the auditorium packed full of people, the theater has 2 balconies, and I am the lead dancer. Everyone is cheering for me as I take my bow, and then I look back to see my backup dancers smiling at me and admiring their own performance. In my dreams I can do 7 pirouettes. I can kick my face off, I can move however I want to, and I can jump higher than anyone else. If only...... but let's face it. In order to become a professional..... I wouldn't be able to have a personal life. I wouldn't be able to be a mom until my career was over, I wouldn't be able to see much of Derek, and not only that but I would probably have to dance with other men all day everyday. That is no life for a strong marriage

So after I get to thinking that I wouldn't be able to be a mom until my 30s, then I begin to dream about being a mom. Not just any ordinary mom.... an AWESOME mom! I stay thin and fit, I'm the cool mom, my kids are perfect and have striking features, and I have the picture perfect family. Not only am I an awesome mom.... all of a sudden I have all these home making skills. I can sew, cook, scrapbook, draw, can food, etc. Well all of a sudden in the middle of my day dream I begin to gag. I realize that this is a disgusting dream because I can't stand those picture perfect families. This realistically is not me at all. In fact, these types of moms make me kind of sick because they are incredibly talented! I am not a homemaker... and I feel as though I'm never going to become the best homemaker. This day dream is NOT me. Having a picture perfect family is fake in every way. I love those down to earth people that make mistakes and admit it. I love the homes I go into where I'm immediately loved and welcome, and they accept me...flaws and all. After I realize that that's the person I am... a down to earth, flawed young lady, I'm ok about my realization that this dream will never fully come true.
After my other 2 dreams have been shot down, I begin to dream about traveling the world. There is nothing wrong with this dream at all!! Ok..... let's face it, I dream big so there are some unrealistic points thrown in. First of all...... I'm a newlywed, my traveling has to wait until we have some more money. Sometimes I dream about Derek and I traveling to 3rd world countries. We help relieve the pain and disaster, and help people struggling. Well this dream is ok... but if I want to help anyone medically I'm going to have to have a degree in something medical, and if I go there to teach..... well by golly I better know what I'm teaching!! Haha but someday really and truly I think this would be awesome to do as a couple. I want to go somewhere with a beautiful gorgeous beach, and I want to take a trip to the eastern states to visit some history sites, not only to do with the founding of the country but also with the church. In my dream we travel to ITALY!!! Once again.... this is my absolute DREAM place to travel to. I have always been drawn to Italy. Not only is their food remarkabely delicious, but the language is beautiful, the country is flawless, and the people are wonderful. Right now I am trying to strike up a deal with Derek. If I learn Italian fluently.... he will take me to Italy. Derek is not down with this bet. I need some sort of strategy to get him to agree on this bet with me! Any ideas?!

Day dreaming helps me to escapse the crap thrown at me. Dreaming helps me to pursue goals and to work towards something (when I'm realistic that is). Dreaming can bring peace and joy to my life. When I hear music I automatically begin dancing whether it's physically or in my head. I am so grateful that I have been blessed with the talent of dance in my life. I can dream up beautiful dances in my head, the challenge is getting it out of my head and choreographing and moving in the same movement that takes place in my dreams. Which all leads me to the reason I began this ambitious post. I have all these dreams, and now the fear of pursuing those dreams kicks in. In my life the debate of what career I should pursue is a toss up between becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant, or a dance teacher. I decided to pursue PTA because it is more stable. In order to pursue this career, Arizona was brought into the picture. I worked at a physical therapy office and enjoyed it quite nicely. School however did not work out. The waiting list to get into the program was 2 years long, and other things brought Derek and I back to Idaho. Here I am stuck in thought whether I should wait a year and apply to the PTA program at ISU, or if I should go to BYU Idaho, get my bachelors in Exercise Science and minor in Dance. I have decided to go to BYUI, however I am still debating whether to apply for the program at ISU next year or not. Right now I feel soo strongly about persuing a career in dance. Now... here comes all my dreams again. I want to use dance as a way of helping other people. I dream of helping alzheimer and dimentia patients. By teaching them dances, it helps these patients with their memorization skills. I want to teach cancer patients and let them feel joy in the pain they are facing. I want to teach suicidal teens who have no confidence. I want them to love themselves and gain confidence within themselves. Dances such as the flamenco are all about confidence and I feel like teaching dances like these to these teens could help them immensely. I want to help people suffering from autism, down syndrome,cystic fibrosis, and ADHD. I want to help them to have a longer attention span and to help get their bodies mobile. Maybe somehow I can combine Physical Therapy and Dance? Or maybe I can just teach dance and help many people along the way. This goal is PERFECTION in my eyes. I have HUGE goals, and this is everything I could ever want out of a goal. Opening up a dance studio is very realistic.... teaching people suffering from all these different types of conditions though? I'm not sure how to approach all of this. Somehow I want to pursue this dream. I want to help others and become the dance teacher and role model that I know I can be.