Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yes!!! We officially made it to our summer break!! Somehow I managed not to fail any of my finals, and came out with pretty good grades. I was .4 points away from getting a full tuition scholarship, so that is frustrating, but luckily I am eligible to receive a half tuition scholarship, and Derek that smarty pants received a full tuition scholarship!! It is such a blessing and I don't know how we would be able to afford college if it weren't for grants and scholarships!
I am working at Access Point for the rest of the summer, and I really do love it! I am only working 2 days a week as of right now, but hopefully I can get some more hours. I work with developmentally delayed children and I just adore them!! It is a very challenging job, but a very rewarding job overall. Other than work, I am dancing on the Aspire Dance Company, and I am really enjoying it.

As for my amazing husband, he starts his new job tomorrow!! We are so blessed that Derek was somehow able to get such a great job! He got the job almost a month ago, but he had to wait for his background check, and he had to get all his shots and test for TB and whatnot. But now that he is officially starting training tomorrow, I thought I would share with ya'll! He is working at EIRMC (Idaho Falls hospital), and he will be working as a Medical Transporter in the E.R. I could NEVER do that, but Derek is a macho man! He will be working the night shift from 7pm to 7am. 6 hours of his shift will be transporting patients, and the other 6 hours will be doing clerical work such as filing, paging doctors, paperwork, etc. He will be working 3 days on and 4 days off. It will be really hard once he's in school trying to find any sleep, but I know that he can do it!! Derek never ceases to amaze me!! It really is incredible that he got this job, let alone an interview. They only look at the first 50 resumes out of the hundreds and hundreds that come into the hospital. From there, then they choose who is a potential candidate and they do interviews for a couple weeks. Derek was so grateful for the interview. When he left they told him that they would get back to him in a week..... and they called him 3 hours and later and told him that he got the job!! We were so ecstatic!! Our patience has finally paid off, and he has been given the opportunity to grow and develop, and to gain knowledge and experience in the field he is planning on going into.

Other than that, we have been LOVING having nothing to do or worry about. We have loved not having homework, and we have really just enjoyed spending time with each other. Thus far I have read a book, and we have been able to go to Table Rock with Thayne and Kiama. We had so much fun, but I will say... this hike is a real butt kicker! It is the second hardest hike I have ever done, and it feels like one of the greatest accomplishments when finished.
It really was quite the experience. We started out the day before 5 am, we missed the turn off and drove WAY out of the way. Once we got there, a man told us the wrong trail so we hiked 3 miles up the wrong trail, discovered we were on the wrong hike, and we ran the 3 miles all the way back to the car. We then decided to take a little break to try and find some motivation, so we carb loaded in the car before starting the brutal hike. The hike is incredibly steep for almost the entire way. Once to the top of table rock, we sprawled out on the rocks totally exhausted, we ate more food, and talked and laughed. We didn't get home until 7 pm. It was the longest day of my life, but we honestly had a blast!!

I hope that the rest of this summer will be filled with fun adventures. I hope to go boating, camping, read the Hunger Games, and go on a small trip. I hope the rest of you are all enjoying your summer and staying safe!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kick the Can

What a fun weekend! Of course I forgot my camera, but oh well, I will still blog about it. Finals week is this week, and I am freaking out, not gonna lie. Instead of studying like crazy this weekend,(which I probably should have done), I had a great time with friends instead.
Friday night, Derek and I went to Ryan's parent's house on the river, and we played volleyball with Ryan and Syd. The first game, Sydni and I dominated, the second game, we weren't as fortunate. We grilled some hot dogs and enjoyed each others company. Afterwards, we invited more friends and we went to Freeman Park and played night games. Now.... when I was a kid, we played night games on a weekly basis, so I was very excited to play night games again! We played a game of kick the can, and next we played Grey Wolf. I am the only one that calls it grey wolf, everyone else calls it Ghost in the Graveyard..... so that's what we called it. It will always be Grey Wolf to me though.
Saturday I went to my friend Sarah Stanger's bridal shower. She is an amazing girl, and I adore her! I couldn't be happier for her, and her and her fiance make an adorable couple. After the bridal shower, Derek and I went shopping and we bought a SUPER cute bed set. We were in dire need of a new set, and we found the perfect set for the perfect price! The sheets, pillow cases, and the comforter are all reversible, so there are like 8 different combos you can do. So if we get bored with one, we can switch it up to another design.
Last night we went to Joe's parents with Joe, Lindsay, Drew, Kenye, Dalin, Ryan, and Syd, and sat around the camp fire roasting marshmallows, coconut marshmallows, starbursts, and sour patch kids. It was delicious!!! I LOVE the summer and I love my friends! I can't wait to be done with this week of finals so I can have more summer adventures with the friends and family that I love!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 Things

10 Things I Do Every Day Without A Doubt

1. Go to the bathroom
2. Eat
3. Brush my teeth
4. Wash my face
5. Get ready (hair, makeup, get dressed, etc)
6. Tell my husband I love him
7. Homework
8. Kiss my husband
9. Think about family
10. Attempt to get things done off of my to do list

10 Things About My Personality

1. I am pretty Sensitive
2. I care WAY too much about others. I stress when something bad happens to other people and I hate watching them suffer.
3. I am the hardest person on myself
4. I am an overall very happy person, and I laugh everyday
5. I have anxiety and I do my best to control it, although it is difficult at times.
6. I would do anything for anyone
7. I am a perfectionist about certain things
8. I'm not ok with just meeting someone. I love knowing people, helping people, and building close relationships with them.
9. I have a sarcastic sense of humor, and I love when I meet others with the same sense of humor as myself.
10. I don't ever deny something that I've experienced or felt, and I'm proud of it.

10 Things I Absolutely Hate

1. Repeating myself. I don't know why, but I can't stand when someone doesn't hear what I said and I have to repeat the entire thing.
2. Liars
3. Judgmental people. I've known too many people who have fallen away from the church because of these types of people.
4. Bragging and people who are cocky and think the world of themselves. We all know you're not perfect!
5. Sluts... I feel bad for you, you have no self respect.
6. Bad drivers
7. People who only have one volume and that's loud. I hate when people don't know how to whisper at the appropriate times.
8. I hate when people are unaware of something that's called a bubble. They're in their own world and don't even realize they are now standing right in front of you with their hair in your face and they stepped on your toe.
9. People who deliberately hurt others
10. Watching someone suffer

(Sorry, I didn't mean to base that entirely off of others, apparently other people bug me at times)

10 Things I'm Ashamed Of

1. Not treating my mom the way I should've as a teenager
2. Losing a best friend over a boy
3. Having serious boyfriends at such a young age.
4. Not standing up for myself
5. Being too scared to have a missionary moment
6. Treating one of my best friends poorly and falling so far apart for so long
7. Hurting anyone's feelings
8. Fighting with anyone
9. Holding myself back in fear of other people's opinions
10. Letting someone control me and not doing what I wanted

10 Things I Absolutely Love

1. Derek Ray Dawson, he is perfect for me!
2. My family
3. My in laws
4. The close friends I have made over the years
5. Dance!
6. Sunny days and beaches
7. Popcorn ( it is my comfort food)
8. The Gospel, don't know where I'd be without it
9. Having deep conversations with people
10. Laughing until I cry