Thursday, January 19, 2012

I don't want to do my homework so...

So I don't want to do my homework.... so judge me for it whatever I don't care. Haha. Here are 30 random facts about me that I'm sure you are dying to know.

1. I graduate in July.... hopefully!

2. I know what I want to do with my life, but I totally don't know what I want to do all at the same time.

3. I got married at age 19 and I was told I wouldn't make it. I love people's reactions when they ask me if I thought I missed out on life and how hard it must be. I love proving people wrong and my marriage is my number 1 priority. In all honesty, marriage was the best thing for me at that time in my life.

4. I have the funniest family in the world. Family get togethers are never a let down.

5. I have never peed my pants in public..... no wait, yes yes I have I take that back. Dang it!

6. I want 3 kids and then I want to adopt 2. Derek wants a cute little black boy, and I want a little Asian girl.

7. I want 2 boys and a girl, and I have all of their names picked out, and I have since before I was married.

8. I want to learn to speak Italian. Once I learn.... I am pretty sure I will be able to convince Derek we need to take a trip to Italy so I can prove my mad skills.

9. I want to get certified in teaching Ballet Aerobics. Haven't heard of it? Yeah... I haven't really either, but I am pretty certain that this is what I want to get certified in.

10. I hope to establish my home and family in Arizona. I love the City and I love the sun.

11. My family is the exact OPPOSITE as Derek's. Everything about them is opposite. I think Derek and I are pretty sure about what middle ground is because we have extreme opposites.

12. I am a very laid back person.... but I have anxiety at the same time so it makes life get interesting at times.

13. I love taking time to laugh at myself every day. If you can't laugh at yourself than what can you laugh at?

14. I love growing and learning everyday. It doesn't seem like it, but looking back at where I started and where I am now, I would say I have learned and grown a great amount.

15. I love listening to music for hours.

16. I love to dance. I miss dancing with Derek and I miss performing. I am on a dance team but it's not my favorite genre. I love it when I am in my element and when I can release all my stresses into something I am so passionate about.

17. I adore my intern and the people I get to work with when I go to my intern every Tuesday and Thursday.

18. The happiest year of my life was one of the hardest years of my life all at the same time. That was the year we moved to Arizona.

19. The older I get, the closer I get to my sister. I love it! Other than Derek she really is my best friend. I love her cackle and I love all her stylish clothes that I can wear when she visits.

20. I am getting another sister in March, and I am so excited for her to become a part of my family. She is a sweet heart and such a cutie.

21. I have been so blessed with my health so far in life. I am so grateful for my body and my health and strength every day.

22. My favorite facial feature is my cheek bones.

23. I am a detective with my nose. I can hunt down anything with my nose and I tend to freak Derek about with my nose.

24. Everyday when I'm driving to school, I always wish that I could crawl back under the warm covers at home and snuggle with Derek all day.

25. My body was made to fit Derek's. My head fits in Derek's nook on his shoulder. We form perfectly together and we are the perfect cuddlers. It ROCKS!

26. I have had 3 pets. A bunny named Baby Socks, a cat named Chicken, and a dog named Camo.

27. My first doll was named Pea Pod. I named her after something I loved so dearly. Her head was popped off by the neighbor boy and I was traumatized. My brother's friends were never to see me play with dolls again.

28. I was never afraid of water until I took swimming lessons with my best friend and she screamed and cried in the water. Seeing her made me traumatized, and I was then a goner.

29. My favorite books are the Hunger Games and The Help.

30. I worked with my friend one summer and I made her laugh so hard I witnessed her wet her pants. This could possibly be one of the funniest moments in my life.

I thought I would tie peeing your pants one more time into my post. I hope you are all having an enjoyable winter and are finding ways to stay warm.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

As of Lately

Looks like I'm due for some catching up. Derek and I had a fun Christmas break that flew by far too fast. We were able to spend Christmas with my family and loved every minute of it. My family has some hard core traditions that sound absolutely ridiculous, but to me, that's Christmas. My family gets together Christmas Eve with the Maeser side. After we eat dinner we pass around cups of rice pudding. If your cup of rice has the almond in it, you win the prize. My mom won this year which I believe was her first year ever winning. After that we go downstairs and all the grandkids get to decorate the tree with homemade sugar cookies, popcorn balls, and candy canes. Once the tree is decorated and the dishes are done we gather around and read Davey's first Christmas, the Nisa Man, and of course the story of Christ's birth from the New Testament. For those of you who don't know who the Nisa man is, he is kind of like a little elf. The Nisa man is a Danish belief. So it is safe to say that our traditions on Christmas Eve are very Danish. The story is written about my great great Grandpa and his encounter with the Nisa man. Like I said, our traditions sound silly, but so fun! After we read, we hold hands and sing songs around the Christmas part. As cheesey as this sounds, it is by far my favorite part!! My dad's side of the family is where all the humor comes from. You can expect opera singing, and the can can to occur. I love my family! Then we pass out the presents and open them.
Christmas morning was awesome and then we spent the afternoon with my mom's side. We had a lot of fun and ate WAY too much food. We had a fun time relaxing and playing the Wii and enjoying each other's company.
On Tuesday my sister left, Derek's family was all gone, and there was nothing that we knew of going on for the rest of the week. Derek casually asked me if I wanted to go to Arizona. I laughed and said, "No way!" Then we sat there and said, actually we totally should do it! So we packed up our stuff and 3 hours later we were on our way to Arizona. We did have some car problems along the way but we were safe and it happened at the best possible moment.
We enjoyed the weather and good company of some of Derek's family. We went to the park, played wiffle ball, lightening, went shopping, bowling, and made a stop at Lee Lee's. Lee Lees is a grocery store and every aisle is a different country. My parents are obsessed with it! We took a picture in front of it and sent it to them. They were ecstatic!! We brought home some candy and herbal tea from Japan for my dad. He was thrilled! New Years Eve we did fireworks and went and played at the park. It was so much fun getting away for a bit and warming up.
We would have liked to do a lot more while we were there, but it was hard getting everyone to agree on something. Maybe next time we can travel a little more while we there. But we definitely were grateful for our trip.
We have been back at school for about a week and a half now. We are pretty burnt out but we are grateful for the opportunity to receive an education. I am currently doing my intern at Rehab Services of Idaho and I absolutely LOVE it!! Everyone is so awesome and I am learning a lot from the therapists. They offer Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pediatric Therapy, and Physical Therapy. I am mostly in the Physical Therapy department, but I have had the opportunity to spend time around the other therapists.
Other than that, not too much is going on. We are just staying busy, learning all that we can, and enjoying our life along the way!!

New Years Eve Fun