Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dawson Update

   Well, quite a bit has happened since my last post.  I have had a growth spurt in my pregnancy, and it is very clear that I am pregnant now. Strangers now make comments every day, and few have even commented that they want to rub my tummy.  Derek finished up his last day of the semester yesterday, YAY!!!  He took over 20 credits, and all were difficult classes!! He is pretty burnt out, but such a good student.  I'm so happy that things are going to settle down a bit for him for a few weeks, and we will be able to relax and spend more time together.  And lastly we moved to good ol' Rexburg at the end of November.  We are in a cute little cozy apartment.  It's pretty small, and we can hear basically anything going on upstairs which is annoying, but other than that, we enjoy our new place.  I felt bad b/c I worked all day the day we moved, and Derek had class for half of the day.  Derek ended up moving most of everything himself, and then Thayne and Kiama stepped in and helped with the rest of the big stuff.  Thanks guys!!  I did most of the boxing, and unloading.  Because I'm pregnant I really couldn't do a lot of lifting, and I also wasn't there for most of moving day.  I felt bad, but thank goodness I have a strong super hero husband!!  Our apartment is now unpacked and decorated, and we are loving having our own space again!!  The baby room is still full of boxes and electronics and random items..... but I'll get to that don't worry!

     Yesterday we were lucky enough to go to the Dr. and get a 3D image of our little squirt!  Oh my goodness does that boy have some cheeks!! I was so excited to see those chubby cheeks on the screen!  I can't even contain the excitement I have to just squeeze those cute cheeks once he's here!!  Those cheeks are definitely a contribution from me!!  I was such a chubby baby, and I had and still have some good pincher cheeks.  Haha Derek laughed because he knew those cheeks definitely do come from me.  The picture we got is a side profile view, so it's kind of hard to pick out a lot, but it was kind of fun looking at his facial features and pointing out which side of the family it came from.  He definitely has a full set of lips that comes from Derek, and we are thinking maybe the nose as well.  Hard to really say until we see him in person!!  How exciting!
Look at those pincher cheeks and those big lips!!  Love this boy so much already!
     I am currently 27 weeks.  Next week I enter the 3rd trimester- CRAZY!!  I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going!  I have so much to get ready for it's unbelievable.  I still am feeling good, but this past week I feel as though my immune system is down and I've been really really tired again.  My low back has been hurting, and I wake up with a charlie horse in my leg about 2 times a week.  Ugh, those are the worst!! I only fit into 3 pairs of my own jeans, and 2 pairs of my dress pants.  Most of my shirts don't quite cover up my belly anymore, and I am getting to the point where I am about to give in and go buy some maternity clothes.  I have gained a healthy amount of weight, and the baby is growing at a healthy pace and everything in my pregnancy looks normal.  I am so grateful for this!!  I had to take the glucose test yesterday to see if I have gestational diabetes.  I haven't found out the results yet, but the way things look, everything should be fine!  I was dreading drinking that dextrose because everyone made it seem horrible!  I actually didn't mind it at all.  Would I do that every day? No.  But was it that bad?  No.  I'm glad it didn't make me sick like it does to some other women.
27 weeks and doing well!
    Derek was so cute enough to take me out and get breakfast after my Dr. appointment because I had been fasting for the glucose test, and he knew that I was starving!!  I am so grateful for such a sweet husband that takes care of me and wants the best for me!!  I am grateful for where I am at in my life right now.  I am really happy.  I like my job, I have a healthy pregnancy, I have an incredible spouse, and we are lucky enough to expound our family and meet our sweet little boy in 3 short months.  We know that so much change is coming, and we can't even comprehend everything that is going to happen.  But we couldn't be more happy for this change.  I love stepping back from life and realizing all my many blessings.  Sometimes I wish time would stop in it's tracks and I could freeze this exciting stage in our lives!!!  I hope that the rest of my pregnancy continues to go well, and that my son will enter this world with good health and strength.