Thursday, December 12, 2013


Wooohooo!!!  Derek did it!!  He is accepted into 5 dental schools!! All of his hard work and dedication has finally paid off!!  All of the being poor college students, ridiculous amounts of money gone towards taking the DAT, applying to school, secondary application fees, hold fees, plane tickets/hotels/rental cars/food/etc. spent on dental interviews, and several other fees are all worth it.  Missing my husband while he stuffed his face in the books to take his DAT right after we had a newborn, and basically being a single mom for the past couple months while he traveled around to different schools to interviews is all worth it. The wait is FINALLY over!  Derek is going to start dental school in the fall and we are moving away.  We are one step closer to our goal and putting our family in a better situation.
    The road hasn't been easy.  It has been hard on both of us, and we have both sacrificed a lot to make this happen.  But I am so happy to say it's worth it!  I am so proud of Derek.  He has worked his FANNY off to get to this point thus far.  He is the hardest worker I know, and I am so grateful for him.  He says his main motivation has been Levi and I, and we are the main reason as to why he is doing this.  I am so grateful that Derek is working so hard so that our little family will be better off in the end.  Our end goal is to own our own practice, and to also travel to do dental humanitarian work as a couple.  I hope to be able to help with office work and do all that I can to help better Derek's dream.
     Derek has been accepted to the IDEP Creighton program which does 1 year at ISU and 3 years in Nebraska.  That programs we would get in state tuition so that would be nice.  They only accept 8 students into that IDEP program, so I am extremely proud of Derek!  He was also accepted into Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ, University of Louisville in Louisville, KY, Case Western in  Cleveland, OH, and MUSC in Charleston, SC.
    We do have our decision narrowed down some, but we have not made our final decision.  We have until the end of this month to make our decision.  We have been prayerful and have been putting in a lot of thought into this decision.  It doesn't only affect Derek, but it also effects Levi and I and our future children. We really do want our children to be where they need to be.  That adds some stress to the decision.
      We want to thank all of our family and friends for all their help to help us get to this point thus far!  For helping Derek study, any helpful advice, prayers, for watching Levi so I could go to work and help support Derek while he went to school or was out of town for interviews, and for all of your support!  We know that we couldn't have done it without all of you!!!
      I will keep you guys posted on our final decision, but we are so grateful we even have options!!  The stress of waiting to know if Derek would be starting school is no longer weighing on our shoulders!!   I am incredibly proud of my smart, hard working husband, and I can't wait for the next chapter in our lives!