Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The newest edition to our family!

YAYY!!!! On Friday, Derek and his cousin Shelley drove down to Utah just past Salt Lake and bought a new car!!! It's a sexy little thing if i do say so myself! We sold my Chevy Cavalier, and we now have a Volkswagen Jetta!! We really just wanted a 4 door, and my chevy was acting like it wanted to poop out, soooo... lucky us, we found this car! It's a stick shift, so that has been a lot of fun learning how to drive it. hahaha oh man, Friday night, I was on a hill and had a melt down b/c there was a car behind me and i didn't want to roll backwards into the car behind me. I had a tramatic experience driving a stick shift on my own when i was 15, and I'd rather not talk about it, b/c i don't think it's really necessary to embarrass myself on my own blog. Anyways, it's been hilarious learning! It kind of reminds me of the movie The Notebook when Noah is teaching Ali how to drive a stick. Yes... never a dull moment at our house and I absolutely love it!! I will say I am doing much better with driving a standard, and all is well!! Yay for new cars, yay for Shelley driving Derek to Utah, yay for Derek buying the car, and yay to the man who sold us the car!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

So... once again a year has come and I have turned one year older! I am now 20, no more teen years!! My birthday was a lot of fun! It actually started out on Saturday, when my brother came home from college. Derek and I went out to eat with my parents and Karl, and we went to Texas Roadhouse, my fav!!! Yummy I can't resist the steak and yummy mashed potatoes, and let's not forget the yummy rolls they bring out to begin with. After the family had stuffed their bellies full and could hardly walk, we went over to my parents for cake and ice cream, but had to wait at least an hour until we were ready. So my mom brought out the cake and was walking every so cautiously not to let the candles blow out, so I was sung happy birthday to by all men which i thought was just hilarious. Haha, after all my mom's carefulness, a candle still ending up burning out.
The next day, my sister came home from Salt Lake, and Derek and I went over to my parent's house once again to eat yummy cake and ice cream. I will tell you people, that my mom makes some very yummy chocolate cake, and even Derek has told me that the best chocolate cake hands down is definately my mom's! After we ate, and sat around and talked for a bit, we went over to my Grandpa Hansen's and talked with him for a while. We came back over to my parent's house, and Julia's friend came over so we played some card games and watched Keeping up with the Kardashians.
Now for my real birthday!!! Monday rolls around and believe it or not... I officially turned 20!! Derek took me out to breakfast at Perkins... which I also can not resist! After breakfast he dropped me off at work, and they had made a cake for me at work. My manager was begging me all morning to please eat the cake, b/c she really wanted some but the rules are that the birthday person has to eat the first bite. Haha they initiated this rule b/c otherwise, the birthday person was not getting any cake. After work I came home and Derek pulled me right back out the door. We ate at Dixie's Diner and then we drove down to the greenbelt to feed the ducks. I have never seen such a big swarm of ducks and geese, but they were surrounding us everywhere, and they were eating it out of our hands.... hahaha and not to mention out of Derek's mouth!! I recorded it on Derek's phone, but I am very sad to say that I can't get it onto this blog :(. I must say that you people are truly missing out b/c oh boy was it rad! After feeding the ducks we went bowling... ya don't worry about it, I totally dominated! They actually let us bowl for free b/c they had to change our lanes and we only bowled one game. That was a very nice birthday present I must say! Things like that just don't happen everyday! After we went bowling we rented a movie and watched it while cuddling on the couch! I must say that I absolutely love being married and I am so thankful for Derek!! He made my birthday the best birthday ever!!!! haha Derek bought me some buckle pants and a bright yellow shirt from aeropostale. He actually gave this present to me 2 weeks ago b/c he absolutely could not stand the anticipation, and he does not do well with surprises apparently. haha! :) Thanks for reading this long blog and I'm sorry the video didn't work, and I'm sorry I slacked on pics! haha