Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I love to DANCE!!

Today we started our rehearsals for Aspire Dance Company, and man have I missed dancing! I haven't danced on a team for 3 years! It's been way too long. Today I realized how much I need to work on some technique and flexibility, but I'm sure it will come back in no time.
We had a choreographer come in today and the way she moves is incredible. When she shows us what to do and then I try and do it I just wish my body could melt and fold the way that hers does, but it will come along! She has rheumatoid arthritis so a lot of the movements she does hurts her body. It makes me grateful for a healthy youthful body, and it makes me want to dance that much more, because before long, my body won't be able to move the same.
I can't wait to get to know the girls (and 1 boy) on my team! I am excited to be performing again, moving my body, and I'm excited to share my talents with others!! I love dance, and that's all there is to it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Exercise Physiology is definitely for me!

Well, I got accepted for fast grad here at BYU-Idaho. What that means is that I am accepted to go straight through with each semester without taking any breaks. I am required to take at least 15 credits each semester. If all goes well, I will be graduating in 3 semesters, but if it doesn't all fall into place perfectly, I will be graduating in 4 semesters and that's still great! It's awesome to think that I could be a college graduate within a year. That will be an amazing accomplishment in my life!! It is a scary thought, but a relieving thought all at the same time.
Thinking about coming to the end of my schooling, I have really been thinking more and more about what I would like to do with my degree. I originally really wanted to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. I can still do that, but that requires another 2 years of schooling, and it would not be a Master's degree, it would just be a certificate. It really would be a great job for me, but I'm still keeping all my options open.
Something that I have recently really been looking into is Cardiac Rehab. The heart is fascinating to me, and so many people suffer with heart problems. Something that my job would consist of is monitoring patients hearts while it is under stress while exercising. My job would be to view what the heart is undergoing, where the problem is coming from, and working as a team to discover what we can do to fix it. To me, this sounds like a fun job because it still involves exercising, and is somewhat similar to physical therapy, but is all focused around the heart. This job would require no further schooling and I could do this with my bachelors degree.
Something else I have been looking at truly is the whole aspect of helping clients lose weight, determine an exercise program that best suits them, and get them under proper nutrition. I am not fully convinced that this is for me, but all I know is it would sure be fun to motivate people and watch the transformation happen.
How cool would it be to be Jillian Michaels? I could whip your butt into gear, make you cry, and then make you love me in the end for turning your body into a fit firm bod. Honestly.... I'm not one to get in someone's face and scream at them, but it's fun to think about people being afraid of me and knowing I could beat them up. Haha. I know I would never be Jillian, but it's fun to think about helping people get their bodies back into a healthy condition.
I know for sure that as Derek and I begin to have a family, I would love to have a side mom job. I want to teach a workout class on the side to stay in shape and make some extra income for our home. I haven't decided what exactly I want to teach, but I know that this is something that I would be eligible to do and would absolutely love doing!
I absolutely love what I am going into and I am so excited to see where it leads me in my future. Who knows if I'll even work with this degree or if I'll be able to focus entirely on being a mom? But all I know is I'm so grateful for the opportunity to receive an education, and I hope that I can help others with the knowledge that I am gaining.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh how I miss you....

Today I am having one of those days where I am homesick for Arizona!!! I am missing my old ward, I'm missing the warm weather, my job? weird I know, going swimming when it's 115 outside and getting burnt to the crisp, my loving friends, I miss that I never had to get ready to leave my house because I never would run into anyone I knew, I miss the adventure of being on our own, I miss having a fresh slate where no one knew my past, I miss Raylene and Scott and their sweet kids, and good ol' Raylon, I miss the huge malls all within 10 miles of our house, I miss spring training games, I miss the brown scenery (never thought I would miss that), I miss the beautiful sunsets, the beautiful spring colors when everything is in bloom, I miss the stucco houses, I miss In N Out Burgers, I miss the cactus, I miss hiking, and I miss having a billion things to do all within 10 minutes of our house.

Derek and I eventually want to end back up in Arizona once we are done here at BYU-Idaho, and I honestly can't wait for this day!! Who knows if it will happen, but as for now, this is our plan. Today I was looking up jobs and housing in Arizona, and there was the exact job in the exact city that I want. The job is working as a Physical Therapy Technician in Maricopa Arizona. Do you know how tempted I am to apply? But then, this would throw off our schooling. I hate timing sometimes!! Right now you can buy a 4 bedroom 3 bath house for $80,000, and I really am hoping we will still be able to get an opportunity like this in a couple of years. Ugh, timing is everything, but apparently I am supposed to be right here right now. Oh how I love you Arizona, and I can't wait to join you again someday soon!! Until then, I will just keep dreaming about you!