Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Fun!!

This Halloween we had loads of fun!! We went to a pre Halloween party on Friday night at some people's house.... haha i have no idea who these people were, but they had about 200 people at their house!! We had a lot of fun dancing and Derek and I dressed up as twins this night.
Saturday I had class, and afterwards we all went to get a massage at the college. We went with 2 of our friends Josh and Perry. I FINALLY had a good experience with getting a massage so I was pretty happy about it!! After our massages, we got all dressed up and went to an awesome dance party at the Chandler Airport. IT was so much fun b/c we had a HUGE dance in an airplane hanger! I dressed up as an 80's dancer, Raylon was a gangster, and Derek was dead... Haha he ended up looking like the dad from the Adam's Family (Gomez. After derek got all dressed up he changed his costume last minute to being a gangster, but I didn't get any pictures of it. It was so hilarious, b/c our friend Perry dressed up as a banana, and Josh dressed up as Lil' Wayne. HAHA the best part of it was that Josh painted himself with Brown face paint and he had a ligit wig, so he SERIOUSLY looked black!! hahaha, there was a black guy who came up to Josh during the dance and asked him if he was really black or not. haha anyways Halloween was a success and we all had a blast!! Here are some pics... enjoy!!

Perry the banana man, and Josh our black friend Lil' Wayne!

Raylon the gangsta gangsta!!!

My 80's girl comin out!!

Made in the 80's.

Derek my dead husband!!