Friday, May 27, 2011

A "Memoriable" camping trip

Sometimes.... things come out of my mouth, now I'm not saying I like the things that come out of my mouth, but sometimes I don't think it all the way through first. Last weekend we had the opportunity to go camping with our friends the Pasley's. While on our camping trip, getting mixed up with the weekends obviously, because Memorial day is this weekend.... I said, "This camping trip is will be a great memoriable weekend." Well, it stuck, and this is the terms we used to describe the weekend.
We had a fun time! We went up last Saturday and set up camp. I always amaze myself at how little I know about camping, so I gave myself the easiest jobs possible. I "helped" set up the tent, and I gathered sticks. Due to this, I was given the title of "Mary, the stick gatherer." Sydni started to prepare food and was given the name, "Sydni, the food preparer." She wasn't thrilled about this name so we re-established the name of "Sydni, the knife slicer." Ryan was given the name,"Ryan, the prepared man." Let me tell you.... Ryan brought EVERYTHING!! He had like a thousand little bags filled with everything you could imagine. I laughed at this, but in all reality, I think I'm going to take him on every trip with me. It's always handy to have the friend that is prepared. We gave Derek the name of, "Derek, the wood chopper." We had very important jobs and all felt so special with our names.

We made corn on the cob and tin foil dinners filled with hamburger, carrots, and potatoes. They were good other than the fact that we burned the CRAP out of them. They were still good considering, and it was the experience that mattered. Afterwards it started raining so we hung out in the tent for about 30 mintues. Once it stopped raining we sat around the camp fire laughing, talking, and of course making yummy s'mores. All in all it was a great weekend full of laughter and fun memories. I will say that I learned how to chop wood and I pretty much went crazy with the ax and wood. I may have got carried away.... but who's to judge? Anyways, Derek and I forgot our camera, so I stole a few from Ryan and Syd. Enjoy! For real this time... have a "Memoriable" weekend..... it's more fitting this time!! I know I will. Dawson family reunion, here I come!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I really should be studying but....

I have an Anatomy and Physiology test tomorrow, and a Statistics test, and a whole lot of reading to do, but...... instead I found myself here. I don't have much time but I thought I would write a quick blurb.

Derek is officially certified as an EMT. Well.... I guess technically he has to wait for a certificate to come in the mail, but yes, he's taken all of the tests and he passed!! I am so proud of him, he truly worked so hard for this!! We stayed the night in Pocatello on Friday night, and woke up at 5:30 to go to Preston where he could take his Practical Test. He did awesome, and he is so thrilled to be done and to have passed.

Of course you can't go on a weekend trip without having car problems... I don't want to get into that story but Derek worked his little fanny off on our car for hours and hours and hours on Friday and Saturday. Derek is extremely talented and when everyone gives up and says, "I can't do it", that's when Derek says...., "Well I can, and I will prove it!" I married one hard worker you guys!! I love him to pieces and I am so grateful that our car is now working right.

It was my mom's birthday over the weekend, and we were stuck in Blackfoot working on the car, so I wasn't able to go see her until Sunday. We went to my parent's and ate dinner with them. It was fun because my brother and his fiance were able to visit us on their way from Montana to Boise. I haven't seen Karl since Christmas break so it was sooo fun to see him! I got to see his fiance's beautiful ring. I literally don't know how Karl turned out to be this cute romantic boyfriend, but he did something right. Haha, I'm really happy for them to get married and I'm excited for Tanya to become a member of the family!

On a side note, I have decided not to teach ballroom next year because we are moving to Rexburg and I was asked to be a on a local performing team. I am really excited about it! The TA from when I was on Dance Alliance my first year of college is starting up her own company. Auditions haven't even been held yet, so I was thrilled when she came to me and asked if I would join her company. We will be performing locally, I get to dance for free, and she is trying to find sponsors to pay her dancers. Living in Idaho Falls, this is probably not likely to happen, but I don't care. If I get to dance on a company and perform for free, sign me up, I'm in!

So other than that nothing else is new. We are just sleep deprived college students, trying our best to get straight A's, and trying to live up to our highest potential!! I hope all ya'll are doing well!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Love these kiddos!!

Do you want to see the cutest kids in the world?? Well I am lucky enough to have been their dance teacher over the past year. We have had some fun times, and some not so fun times. We had adventures when some kids decided to wrestle each other rather than play freeze dance, we've had crying, laughing, screaming (for joy), some yellow puddles of oops, I was having so much fun I forgot to tell you I had to go to the bathroom, (to clarify, I never had this probelm, it was a student), and most of all we have all grown to love each other. I am so proud of these kiddos for not only learning 1 dance routine, but 2 dance routines. They have also learned the basic steps to the cha cha and all love to say 2, 3, cha cha cha, 2, 3 cha cha cha. The girls love to shake their hips, and smile pretty up on stage. The boys love the physical aspect of it, and sometimes I don't know quite how to handle it when they decide they want to start wrestling in the middle of the dance routine.

Let me tell you. I have really grown to love and adore these children. They are the biggest sweet hearts, and they have grown immensely over the past year. The very first day of class I thought I was doomed when I could not even get them to do a rock step. Well let me tell you, they know how to do a rock step and sooo much more, and even if they don't know all the steps, they are still darn cute and are having the time of their lives!!

Friday is the end of the year concert and it is a bitter sweet time. So happy for a break, but so sad to see these kids go!! I have adored working with each student and I love them with all my heart!! Enjoy their cuteness!! I don't blame you if you're jealous that I got to work with them! :)