Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yup.... I'm still alive

Ok..... so I do apologize to all you bloggers because I most definately waited WAY too long to post something!!! But yes, I'm still here, and yes we are doing well! We are now living in Idaho YAY!!! The move up was RIDICULOUS!!!! We were in a HUGE rain/hail/snow storm from Provo all the way to Malad... and it was freakin May 22 for crying out loud!!! When we left Arizona the heat had broke 100 degrees for the first time of the year.... when we got to Idaho.... it was windy and rainy and grey. Raylon drove the Uhaul, I drove our car, and Derek drove Raylon's car. It was a grueling 15 hours, and adding pouring rain, plowing through puddles, hydroplaning, and almost hitting cars that had slid out of control and were sitting side ways on the highway was a wee bit stressful.
We finally arrived to Idaho and began our awesome adventure to see our new country house... literally a country house *blegh* We drove, and we drove and we drove until finally we arrived at our little country home north of Rexburg. The land lord... was PSYCHO!! and that was an understatement!! She had basically lied about everything that she told me about the house... and Derek and I soon found ourselves in a BIG disaster. When I say this... I mean we literally will never see a house like this again!! The kitchen was BRIGHT green and Gold, the cupboards were metal (like a locker), the carpet was nasty green and gold flowers... I thought that if I spilt water on the floor that the flowers would grow out of the carpet. Ok..... not to mention.... every room was covered with sheer drapery. This wasn't any ordinary drapes..... they were NASTY colors such as PINK, GREEN, TEAL, GOLD etc. When Derek asked the land lord if one of the drapes was broken... she went off on Derek and told him that only city folk worry about keeping their windows covered so no one could see in. Then she went off about how she has never locked her door in her entire life and she has been just fine. Ok... she was soo weird! Along with our beautiful kitchen, and drapery among the house... we also had a PINK tiled bathroom.... head to toe!! AWESOME!! We also had a hand made clothes line hanger INSIDE our very own house. Ok.... so first of all we are way out in the middle of nowhere.... we are in a HIDEOUS home, and then... to top it all off we have a PSYCHO land lord. YUCK!!
Because of the sheer drapery within our home... we had absolutely NO privacy. Due to this matter, I would look out the window and see our landlord snooping around our yard and peeking in our house... can you say creepy?! She also came over at least 5 times the day we moved. Oh sorry I forgot to mention, the psycho land lord lived NEXT DOOR to make matters worse! Anyways... she came over a billion times... not only is this uncomfortable.... but she would stay..... and she wouldn't leave. It was horrible. This house was her dead husband's dead mother's house. She wanted to keep it the EXACT same way her mother in law left it. She even asked Derek if he would plant flowers in the garden b/c it would remind her of her mother in law. Our stove/oven had a manual with a 50's girl on the cover. I'm pretty sure that SOME things really should be updated over the years wouldn't you say? She told us that we had to read the manual before we used the stove or oven b/c if everything wasn't wired just precise it could start a fire. Can you say WOW? Now... we're in this creepy situation, and then the landlord started changing how much money we owed her... is that even legal? Nope.... but she thought it was! I'll get back to that detail in just a minute. When I talked to the landlord on the phone before we moved, she told me that the house was very well insulated, and we would never have to turn on the heat. BULL CRAP!!! Our house was FREEZING!! It had no insulation and it held no heat whatsoever. In order to heat our house we had to use the propane tank. Derek called the company and asked how much it cost. In order to fill the tank, it cost $200, and he told Derek that the average bill we would have to pay to fill it during the winter months would be $500, and then we would actually have to pay the heating bill on top of that!! Excuse me.... but the landlord was a filthy liar!!! At this point.... we knew immediately that we had to get out of the situation!!! We gave our 30 days notice, but told her if she wanted someone in it before the 30 days.... we could be out. Soo.... the last day of the month she called us and told us we needed to be out that night!!! EXCUSE ME!!! Psycho lady... that's not right at all!! But, because of the situation we were already in, and because she kept taking our money, we knew that we HAD to get out of the situation before she pushed any more money on us.
Well we got a big crew together, hunted down a truck and trailer and unpacked all of our stuff within 2 hours. Now comes the crappy part. The landlord decided that she wasn't going to give us back our security deposit b/c she held the house for half a month until we moved in. Little did she know that my dad is a lawyer and that what she was doing was illegal. Her husband and her RAILED into Derek and I, and I have never seen a fight so nasty. Basically what it was coming down to was we would be seeing them in court b/c they took our money. Finally, after I started crying my eyes out, the husband softened up a little bit and they agreed to give us back half of the deposit, and then take off what we owed them for the 10 days we were in the house. This is after the fact that they just increased the price we owed them for the 10 days over five times. Derek and I agreed to take the $96, basically because we didn't want to deal with these crazy people anymore!! We lost about $250, but we learned a valuable lesson! It sucks going through experiences such as these, but you always come out a better person in the end!!
Because we only had 1 day to get out, we are now staying with my parents. Does it suck? YES. Is it better then the alternative? ABSOLUTELY!!! I'm so grateful for my awesome parents for helping us during this super hard time, and I'm grateful for my amazing husband to go through these crappy times with!! Luckily while we were living in Arizona..... we were frugal with our money so due to our unemployment and set back with everything, we are doing just DANDY! We've also done a TON of odd jobs for people so we've been making money here and there through it all!! I really am happy with where I am in life because I feel stronger and better for it!
Now... I know that you people are thinking to yourself... how did Derek and I get into this situation and why did we move into that house? The answer to this question my friends is that I trusted someone. She gave me her word and she lied. Will I go through this again? NOPE!! Will I ever put my trust in someone like this again NEVER!! But, please everyone just look out!! This crap is so easy to fall into and scamming is absolutely ridiculous!! Be careful and I love you guys!! Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful!!