Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun!!!

Ok.... so I STINK at remembering to take pictures darn it, but we had an AWESOME Halloween!! We had a party with our friends over at our house this year. OH wait, Derek took a picture of himself so I do have that, but I don't have any pictures of myself or any of my friends.
Anyways.... there were 14 friends that came and we started out the evening by giving a prize to the best side dish. My friend Sydni won with her spooky witches' finger cookies. Next everyone dug in and ate all the delicious food. After we all ate, we turned on some music and each couple had to model down the run way we made in our house. We dimmed the lights and turned on all the glowing pumpkins. We had 3 flashlights that Derek and I would turn off and on really quick to make strobe lights. We had awards for best performance, most traditional costumes, hottest costume, and best couple costume. Haha the hottest award went to Lady Gaga and The Situation, most traditional was winnie the pooh, minnie mouse, little red riding hood, and the big bad wolf. Best performance went to a pirate and X-men the wolverine. They got the most into it, and there was even a strip performance done by wolverine. And the best couple costume went to the gorillas.
Next, we had a donut eating contest where the donut hangs from a string, and you can't use your hands. It was HILARIOUS! People are very uncoordinated, and there was a lot of donuts smacking people in the face. Haha wolverine won this contest. Poor little red riding hood's donut fell on the ground and she refused to eat it from there. Camo of course jumped in and was glad to help her eat the donut!
After that, we had a cookie race. This is no ordinary race.... you lean your head back, place a cookie on your forehead, and you can only use your face muscles to get the cookie in your mouth. You can imagine how ridiculous everyone looked trying to use their silly faces to get the cookie into their mouth. The pirate won, but it may have been b/c she lifted her head up a little bit, haha but it was still hilarious.
Next we played a game with a dice, a pie pan of skittles, straws, and cups. You pass the dice around the circle. As soon as you roll a 2 you have to use the straw and suck up the skittles and put them into your cup. As soon as someone else rolled a 2, they took the pan of skittles and they got to go. Little red riding hood dominated by FAR! Haha she rolled a 2 almost every stinkin time! Haha there was a lot of yelling, screaming, grabbing, and laughing during this game. I love seeing everyone's competitive sides come out of them.
After this game, we played a game similar to paper rock scissors, but it's called bats, witches, and ghosts. You stand back to back with your partner, say 123, and turn around making the sign of whichever you choose. Bats you flew, ghosts you made scary hands and said WOOO, and witches you pretended to ride your broom stick. We looked ridiculous, and people kept forgetting which won what, so there was a whole lot of yelling and laughing once more! I came in 2nd place, but sadly... there was a situation.. and it was that the Situation beat me! Dang him!
Afterwards we watched a scary movie! Pooh bear screamed like a little girl! Pooh bear is Derek's best friend Ryan... and we LAUGHED for a good 10 minutes afterwards! OH my word it was hilarious! Derek also snuck around the house and flew through the front door scaring everyone! The funniest part during the movie was one girl screamed really loud and turned around. She saw Derek's face and said... "This movie is so scary, and then to turn around and see THAT FACE!" Haha Derek's face was very creepy, you will see at the end of this post.
After the movie the boys went down into our creepy basement. The lights are upstairs, so Derek shut the boys in the basement and turned off the lights. We all heard a bunch of screaming after this. Haha silly boys!!
The boys went in the kitchen and talked for a long time while the girls stayed in the living room and talked. Everyone stayed until 1 in the morning, so they must've had a lot of fun! I know I did!!! I had a blast!! This was an awesome Halloween!!! I hope you guys all had an awesome day!! Enjoy Derek's SCARY picture!!!