Monday, March 18, 2013

Big News!!

Well.. I have some good news!! First of all, the baby flipped on his own at 37 weeks.  I worked a 10 hour day and I was having a lot of contractions that night.  I went home and laid on the couch and I felt a ton of pressure (which I now know was his head pushing while flipping), and I felt a lot of sharp pains down under (which I now know was his head pushing down).  I went to the Dr the next day and we took an ultrasound to make sure he flipped.  Sure enough that cute little boy had flipped!! No scheduled C-section for me!! YAY!
I am currently 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant.  I am not progressing at all which is a bummer.  I've been 90% effaced and dilated at a 1 for a couple of weeks now.  We decided to give it a week and schedule an induction on Saturday.  Today at work I got a call from Labor and Delivery saying that they had an opening for Wednesday and asked if I could get induced early.  I told them YES!!  Well... I got another call about an hour or 2 ago saying that they want to get me in in the morning!!!  I am freaking out!!!  Labor terrifies me, and I'm especially nervous b/c my body isn't progressing on it's own and I have to rely on medicine to bring this baby into the world.  I am so nervous, and slightly in shock!!  It all happened so quickly!!  I pray that labor will go well and we will have no scares!! I pray that this sweet baby boy will have good health and strength.  I don't usually do this, but any sort of prayers and thoughts would be deeply appreciated at this time!!! Thanks so much everyone!  Ready or not here he comes!!

39 weeks and 2 days

40 weeks and 1 day