Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ever had one of those weeks?

Ok.... let me tell you about my week. It is ridiculous really, but please eat a snack and enjoy the comedy of my life.

Let's see.... I'll start out with I no longer am employed. It is a long story, and extremely frustrating but long story short, my boss knew I was looking to move to Rexburg so she took my hours away and I couldn't afford to stay. Put us in a crappy situation so I walked away from the job. Not to mention we were under new employment, the business was up for sale, and our boss was a month behind on paying her employees. Sounds professional eh? Needless to say, a load has been lifted off my shoulders. Working with 30 girls is way too much drama.

2nd of all.... we found a place that we are in LOVE with in Rexburg. It is everything we are looking for and in our price range. There was only 1 draw back, and it was that this condo was $50 more than the exact same condo next door. Reason being is that each complex is owned by a different land lord, and regardless whether they were bought during bad times or good times of the economy depends on how expensive rent would be. Well we decided the $50 more although it's annoying was not too big of a deal and we could still afford it. So we call the land lord first thing in the morning and guess what? Someone had JUST beat us to the catch. They called her right before us, so we are 2nd on the waiting list. Yes... poopy I know.

3rd... I thought I qualified for a $2000 smart scholarship. My friend works in financial aid and she was the one that told me about it. Well she looks everything up and guess what? I'm 5 credits short of getting this scholarship. Plus it is the very last semester they are handing this out. Yeah, I really wish I hadn't even heard about this scholarship.... then I would have not been let down.

4th, my friend works in student housing on campus. She texted me and told me to call this number because there was an opening in the exact same condo we want and it was for the $50 cheaper. So I called, and I was excited as ever! Well guess what? The tenants decided that they wanted to stay for another year. Who does that? Who posts it online and then decides to stay another year? Well... they definitely knew how to top it all off for me.

5th my friend texted again with a number for the same condos. I call.... and it was a realtor who sales the condos, not rents. I felt foolish.

6th, first day of school yesterday. I'm on overload and already stressed with how I'm going to make it through the semester. Well it's towards the end of the day, I'm starving, I had to stay after class to add the class, and I'm speed walking across campus to make it to my Statistics class. I had 3 minutes to spare and I literally was going to pee my pants. I rush into the bathroom a little dizzy because I am so hungry. Afterwards I rush into my class room, climb all over the students to get into the crammed seat in the very middle of the lecture hall. Well I'm all settled in with my notebook and pencil out. The teacher hands our notecards and tells everyone to put their name, and then write yes or no if they are willing to pray in class. I put my name and write yes, and pass it back down to the end of the row. Next we pray and then the teacher says, "Welcome to Psychology 211", and writes Psychology on the chalk board. I am mortified! How the heck did I go to the wrong class? Who does that? I sat and debated in my head whether to sit in the wrong class for the entire hour, or lower my pride and go find my Statistics class. Well, I decided I had to make it to Statistics the first day so I wouldn't get behind everyone else. So.... I literally climb over all of the students in my row. I stepped on several toes, and wacked the back of many people's heads with my massive backpack. I have to face the class and walk all the way to the door with everyone staring at me. I felt like I was living one of my nightmares I've had before. It was awesome, I tell you what!

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong and the things I want out of life are not where I'm supposed to be. Or whether I'm going in the right direction and Satan is trying to keep me from getting there. Regardless, I really hope that this comes to an end. Haha it really is quite entertaining. It really has been a silly week. Rather than breaking down and wondering why we keep coming so close to getting a condo, or getting scholarships, I finally had to step back and laugh at myself. I'd rather deal with it that way than cry over all these frustrating things going on in our lives.

On a lighter note, my Birthday is Wednesday, Easter is Sunday, and I am married to the man of my dreams!! I hope that you guys are all having a much better week than I am, and if any of you are struggling I hope you can look back and laugh at yourself. It's too hard to take life seriously all the time.