Sunday, June 28, 2009

Like I said.....

As I've said before.... our plans are always changing!!! Derek and I just spent the week down in Arizona talking to schools, looking for jobs, and looking for apartments!!
We went to Arizona in the month of February and absolutely fell in love!!! We decided we really wanted to move there someday, but the timing was off at the moment. I searched and searched for schools with a Physical Therapy Assistant program, but only found one in Arizona that was $24,000 dollars for a year and a half. That was bogus, and we decided maybe we weren't supposed to move down to Arizona at that time.
We gave up on the Arizona idea, and we decided to just apply at ISU b/c ISU has the PT Assistant program for me. Well we got accepted, and we thought that that's what we would do and then we'd move to Arizona afterwards! Well.. after 2 crummy advising sessions, and the PT Assistant program looking like it would be a flop... we decided to look into Arizona one more time!!
Well... one night after an adivising session... Derek decided to look online. Within 5 minutes he had found a school in Phoenix Arizona with the PT Assistant program, and it was about $1,000 dollars cheaper than ISU!!! A burden seemed to be taken off of our backs, and we knew that we couldn't pass up this oppurtunity!!
The next day my visiting teachers came over and talked to me about the importance of change. They basically told me everything I needed to hear, and they summed up everything that I was going through!! Coinsidence... I think not!! The most important thing that I need to remember through this all is that Faith and Doubt do not co-exist! If Arizona is supposed to work out, then it will work out!
Derek and I decided to shoot for the stars and try and make Arizona work out!! SO I got a week off of work and we went down to try and make it all come together. Well.... you know if you're doing the right thing when everything gets super hard and things start to fall apart! haha I swear I was such a mess on this whole trip! First it started out that I got really really sick on the way down, and with my sinus pressure, and the elevation change, my hears got popped and I couldn't hear and I thought my head was going to explode! I had to spend the first day in bed, and I seriously only got out of bed to go potty and when it was time for dinner. I haven't been that sick in a very long time!! Next... Derek got sick and we were both pretty crummy. Our AC stopped working in the 110 degree heat and when we got to the school we were miserable and caked with nasty sweat! Then... we went swimmming one day and I got the worst sun burn I think I've ever had!! I was achey and in so much pain, and my sunburn was purple it was so bad!! I had an interview the next day and any time I would talk I would start hacking up a lung, so I didn't talk much during this interview... probably not the best thing in the world. My face was also bright red from my sunburn so I was a little embarrassed. I definately felt like such a mess!! Now.... to top everything off, I stepped on a hornet and got stung on the bottom of my toes!! I know you're thinking... don't be a baby, this is just a sting... but this is not just any ordinary sting!! Half of my foot swelled up, and my toes look like sausages!!! I can't walk on my foot, I can't bend my toe, if I put my foot down all the blood rushes to it and it hurts like the dickens, it itches soo soo bad and I feel like a wreck!!! HAHA it's ridiculous all of the stupid little things that happened, but we knew that if it's meant to work out it will work out.
Enough about all the silly horrible things that happened, there was a lot of good in the trip! I talked to the school and got everything straightened out. I am currently waiting for my transcripts to transfer, and then I will be admitted into the school!! I had a job interview at an amazing Physical Therapy Facility. It is at a Sports Medicine therapy place, and so this business focuses very much on the exercising components of Physical Therapy. I was so excited to hear about this b/c doing the exercises one on one with the patients is my absolute favorite part, and this is what I would be doing!! This office does not hire PT Assistants, so the Technicians basically do everything that an Assistant does. This experience would be awesome to have, and it would help me so much in the future and when I would be in the program. It was awesome b/c the Physical Therapist emailed me back and forth one day and he helped me out a ton!! I am currently waiting to see if I got the job b/c he had 2 more interviews after me. I am really nervous b/c I was hacking through my interview and I didn't talk as much as I normally would have, but whether I get the job or not I can find some type of job to make it work while in Arizona.
Derek and I also found an apartment we really like!! It was in the exact price range we wanted, it has barely been remodeled with brand new appliances and counter tops, it has a really nice gym with a dance studio inside :), and it was basically everything we wanted!! Only problem is that we don't have jobs yet so we haven't applied for the apartments yet b/c we need to be able to prove that we can afford to live there.
We found awesome oppurtunities, but everything still isn't quite in place yet. I know that whether we get the apartment or not, or whether I get the job or not that everything will work out!! I was very stressed the whole time we were there b/c I wanted to leave with a job and an apartment, but we didn't quite leave with either. The last day Derek and I were at complete peace b/c we knew that whether we got it or not, something else will come along and we will make it work.
I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father. I am thankful that we were able to recognize the spirit prompting us to go to Arizona, and I am thankful for the comfort I have of knowing that whether Arizona works out or not, we will be where we need to be.